Copernicus Novemberfest November 24, 2022

It’s happening! Copernicus Beer DAO members,BCNL members and curious crypto addicts will get together for an exuberant November Fest at the NFT Playground Amsterdam on the 24th of November and… you are invited!  Why don’t you join us for a great evening with Beer, Wurst and wonderful encounters?

We have reasons to celebrate! Firstly, our nomination for the Computable Awards, in this Dutch Blockchain Week, led to a buzz within our DAO and secondly, our Beer has been distributed to so many places since we started in April 2022, that we feel we should tell you all about it. Organising this night, we want to share our insights AND our beer with anyone who is also passionate about decentralisation, drinking beer and web3! Read on…

Come over at the 24th of November, have a Copernicus beer and savour a delicious wurst (or take it veggie) whilst having great conversations at our tables on web3.

And, listen to our keynote speakers for some great insights on decentralized projects.

Expect a night full of great encounters at your table, meet with our DAO members and dive carefree into the world of web3! 

Acquire new insights on NFT’s, blockchain and the latest Copernicus Beer distribution activities. Listen to inspiring talks of some cool speakers and get all your questions answered. Book a chair, or take your colleagues with you and book a whole table. Oh, and be careful not to tokenize everything and everyone around you after this …😉

When is this? Thursday November 24th



Maarten Smakman

Keynote Maarten Smakman will explain his roller coaster journey launching the Copernicus Art project, a unique piece of ceramics that is shared by 21 token holders. Maarten will tell you all about decentralized ownership and his own mind-bending moments of AHA

Olivier Rikken is a Governance Expert, International Keynote Speaker and Founder of consultancy and training company Emerging Horizons. He is a PhD candidate at TU Delft, and his research focuses on the Governance of Decentralised Autonomous Organisations (DAO).  He will give an inspiring talk on his vision of the future in Blockchain Technology and the trends that are upcoming.

Bart Bloemers

Bart Bloemers has been active as an entrepreneur in Web2 and recently transitioned to being a fervent Web3 enthusiast, founding the first NFT Playground in Amsterdam for onboarding newbees and artists in the crypto world. His talk will explain more about why he thinks it is important to collaborate in these turbulent times.

Hans Geldof

Beer loving Founding Father Hans Geldof will explain more about what it means to launch a 100% decentralised beer brand, shape the Copernicus Beer DAO and how one can get the gist of brewing all over Europe.


17.00u Doors open – Welcome all attendees

18.00u Foodtruck open:’Beer, Wurst’ and music

19.00u Bart Bloemers from NFT Playground ‘The Flower of Amsterdam

19.15u Hans Geldof on Copernicus Beer DAO

19.30u BREAK 

19.50u Maarten Smakman on Copernicus Art Project ‘Best Learned lessons.’

20.10u Keynote Olivier Rikken of Emerging Horizons ‘Introduction to Decentralisation of Autonomous Organisations and future opportunities.’

20.30u Networking Tables – Circular Networking Round 1

21.00u Networking Tables – Circular Networking Round 2

21.30 End 

How to attend

If you want to attend as a group, you can book a table or more (max. 6 persons) at 6pm. If you come by yourself, it is possible to reserve an individual spot. See underneath what the options are. In case of big groups, or specific wishes, let us know, so we can arrange things for you! Just send us an e-mail.



Share with your colleagues and clients
Per Table
  • 6 people
  • Beer & Wurst
  • Unique Copernicus Surprise Token or Poap
  • Your logo on this page
Early bird


Surprise yourself with your table guests
Per seat
  • For you
  • Beer & Wurst
  • Proof of consumption
  • Meet new people
Early bird
15% Early Bird discount if you book before November 11th 17.00 CEST. Use the promotion code: HUZAH2022.


Copernicus Beer is a DAO consisting out of 24 token holders that are joint on the blockchain by a Copernicus NFT, and work together to brew beer locally in any part of the world. The 24 token holders can brew their own batches and distribute it independently, only supervised by each other. During the Copernicus Beer Fest you can meet them at our Networking Tables rounds when they will be table host. Also other Web3 experts will be hosting a table. Book a chair and ask them everything!

Our Table Hosts

Copernicus Token Holder Maarten Smakman will explain his roller coaster journey launching the Copernicus art project ‘Is it Copernicus’ and answer all your questions about setting up a decentralised project.

Krijn Soeteman

Krijn Soeteman is author of the book Crypto for Dummies and makes a podcast on a weekly basis about Web3. He will be happy to join you and talk more about his findings in this field.

John van Meer

Table Host John van Meer is better known as De Bitcoin Consultant and has a popular YouTube channel on which he posts on a daily basis. Expect the latest trading news from John and his view on the cryptomarkets.

Bart Bloemers

Token Holder Bart Bloemers will tell you all about his fascination for physical spaces, decentralized collabz and of course, NFT’s. Bart has started the NFT Playground and is happy to share with you the details of his wild summer project, leading him to be an event producer in the end.

Hans Geldof

Founder of the Copernicus Beer DAO Hans Geldof will join you for good stories on his journey into beer brewing and starting a Dao. Expect some funny details and in-depth conversation about decentralized collaboration, and setting up a new brand.

Casper D. Roerdink-holder

Token Holder Casper D. Roerdinkholder has been active as a DAO member and a brewer since the start of the Copernicus Beer DAO. He is happy to share his experiences and his way to realise his own brewn batches of beer.

Casper Gockel

Casper Gockel is a severe NFT lover and has been collecting and curating digital art on the Tezos Blockchain. He is also taking part in the photography project Life Anchors. His knowledge and passion will make him an excellent table host. Expect some good and humorous anecdotes! Listen to him in the Podcast with Krijn Soeteman on digital art and entrepreneuring in Web3.

Bart van Maarseveen

Founder of Life Anchors Bart van Maarseveen, has been a passionate photographer and NFT collector from the start. Life Anchors has created collections on NFT marketplace Objkt such as the Abramovic inspired piece ‘The Audience is Present‘ portraying vibrant people living in Amsterdam. Just take a look and collect that NFT!

Erich Schnoeckel

Crypto Pioneer Erich Schnoeckel has a passion for Web3 and has been involved in Blockchain Technology from the first days. He can tell you all about his first steps into crypto land, the pivot points, the highlights and he will give answers on all your questions from his own personal and experienced view as a consultant.


Bas van der Paardt

Token Holder Bas van der Paardt has been a member of the Copernicus Beer DAO from the beginning. In daily life he is an entrepreneur, designer and brand strategist and recently he created his first NFT’s for the NFT Playground on Tezos platform Expect a visionary conversation!


Practical Information

NFT Playground Amsterdam opens its doors for the  first November Fest:

  • on Thursday 24 November
  • Door open  17:00u
  • Fest from 17.00u – 21:30u

NFT Playground Amsterdam
Eerste weteringdwarsstraat 107
1017 TM, Amsterdam

Good to know
  • Beer and sausage are included;
  • Vegetarian is an option. Please let us know at least one day in advance;
  • We have a linkedin event. Sharing is caring.

Bart Bloemers // // 06 41 35 99 23
Hans Geldof // // 06 51 69 66 74

About the Copernicus Beer DAO

Copernicus Beer, the first decentralized brew-it-yourself project, is led by groundbreaking founder Hans Geldof and 23 token holders. Now the Copernicus Beer DAO has shaped itself, as it started off in april 2022 as an idea in the mind of some crypto enthusiasts. Starting the Copernicus Beer DAO has led to the brewing of decentralized beer all over Europe, like Faro, Portugal.

NFT Playground Project

This summer at the heart of Amsterdam, located at Weteringdwarsstraat 107, we transformed 200 m2 of open space into an immersive Playground for crypto revolutionists.  With not a real plan, just follow the good vibes. 
Use, share, remix all the possibilities and be surprised what can happen as we use our potential.  And we did! NFT Summer party, Photoshoots, Podcast, flying drones, eating horse steak, Community calls (who did not come), and of course drink Copernicus Beer).


The Copernicus Novemberfest is an ecosystem event of the Dutch Blockchain Week.
Therefore you will meet also many members of BCNL, who will come over to celebrate the end of the Dutch Blockchain Week in our NFT Playground.
We love to see you there!

Copernicus Beer Crew

BCNL is a non-profit foundation for web3 / blockchain entrepreneurs, projects and startups. The NFT Playground is community partner and BCNL is the organizer of the Dutch Blockchain Week”

The world's first decentral craft beer.

Sure. It's an experiment to brew our own decentral IPA. But we did. And you can participate too. If you are interested, let us know.

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