Cheers to Copernicus. Huzzah!

Nicolaus Copernicus, the renaissance polymath of the 16th century, observed that all planets revolve around the sun. This groundbreaking conclusion came from his observations of the heavens with the naked eye. It was only 50 years later that Galileo proved Copernicus right by using a telescope…

Copernicus’ breakthrough discovery led to a new paradigm that is still valid today.

As for today the world might as well need another Copernicus. Our centralized systems lead to wealth and possessions being for just ‘the happy few.’ Decisions are made by those who talk the loudest. We believe it is time to revolt.

Copernicus Beer offers to contribute to decentralization, crypto and collaboration. We are ready to fight for a new paradigm and invite all that want to contribute. We stand for a fair distribution of wealth, for decentralization and collaboration. It is time to shrug off the old rules, and make some new ones.

Come over to our Copernicus Beer events and let’s move to the next universe.

Together we can determine the world of tomorrow.


Copernicus, develop and drink! Huzzah!

The world's first decentral craft beer.

Sure. It's an experiment to brew our own decentral IPA. But we did. And you can participate too. If you are interested, let us know.

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