Shared Ownership

There are up to 24 Copernicus Beer Holders, which have an unique NFT. As an owner of this NFT they have shared ownership of the vault, the brand and the recipe and they can participate in the governance that leads Copernicus Beer to its destiny.

Copernicus Beer DAO

The token holders together form the CopernicusBeer DAO. The token holders jointly are responsible for taking care of Copernicus Beer. 

The idea

The idea is that every tokenholder can be an independent brewer, brewing Copernicus Beer locally. The messages behind the QR codes are ment to make people familiar with the concept of decentralisation. More beer leads to more impact!

How does the DAO work?

The members of the DAO will have to figure this out together. There is already a available to participate in proposals and vote. But we there is a lot more to be done. Do you want to think and act? Then join the CopernicusBeer telegram group.

Producing Copernicus Beer

As a Copernicus Beer holder you can produce your own batch of Copernicus Beer. This can be done on your own or with the other NFT holders. You can use the recipe, the label and the shared knowlegde of this community of beer holders.

For the second batch we hired a professional brewer. The brewing process and bottle process took place in the Noord Hollandse Bier Brouwerij. The result proved to be a beautiful IPA which sold out within weeks.

The requirement for MORE BEER had been fulfilled!

The brewing of a third batch with a  higher volume was initiated. Simultaneously a fourth  batch was being brewed at Brouwerij Wentersch.

New initiatives are on their way. Brewing in Portugal, Austria, Croatia. So we are curious and excited to see in which other countries the beer will be brewed.



The CopernicusBeer NFT’s with which you become a member of the DAO are visible on The DAO owns a few of them and are willing to sell them to people of organisations that can add value to the DAO in the field of DAO’s, production, distribution, sales & marketing to support the DAO. Please contact us if you are interested.

CopernicusBeer NFTs were offered on OpenSea for 0.25 Ethereum a piece. The DAO still owns a few of them but they are not for sale at the moment. Of course, any current holder can put up his/her NFT for sale and you can allways make an offer we can’t refuse

Yes you can, they are NFTs after all. When you sell your NFT, 10% of the sales price goes to the CopernicusBeer Vault.
There are 24 CopernicusBeer NFTs, one for each QR code on the label
Yes you can, but we hope that with your choice you contribute to spreading the ideas of Copernicus Beer: learning about decentralization. The redirection will always start from the QR code page of your QR and must be initiated by the user.
No, 13 will be sold eventually. 1 NFT is donated to the vault of the project. 10 NFTs will be distributed among the people who contributed to the creation of Copernicus Beer. These may of course also decide to put their NFT up for sale.

NFT's currently in the vault

Becoming a member of Copernicus Beer DAO

Like what you read? Super! We are currently defining the entry and exit criteria for the DAO. So onboarding is currently on hold. Please contact us in the telegram group or leave your email here below.

The world's first decentral craft beer.

Sure. It's an experiment to brew our own decentral IPA. But we did. And you can participate too. If you are interested, let us know.

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