What if drinking beer would make the world a better place?

What if by drinking beer, you could change the world?

We believe that with every euro you spend, you make a choice. And thus help determine what the world looks like. When you buy Copernicus Beer, you contribute to a world in which money and power are distributed fairly(er).

Not just profitability for the happy few, but for the well-being of us all. With fair agreements. Because we stand for everything that is just, and are against everything that is unjust. It is that simple.

And in the meantime we provide enough beer for everyone.

This is necessary because:

  1. Because the world’s wealth is distributed in an unbalanced way. Centrally organized ownership leads to concentration of money and or power resulting in large differences in wealth, increasing inequality and growing discontent among those who are not close to the inner circle of power. We can see the unpleasant consequences of this with a simple glance at the daily newspaper.
  2. These concentrations of power limit the sovereignty of the individual, in part due to the curtailment of privacy.
  3. With the advent of new technology and innovation, it is increasingly possible to distribute ownership in an efficient manner and to keep it manageable, thus reducing concentrations of money and power. The underlying technology is still in its infancy but is now mature enough not to ignore but rather to try and learn from it.
  4. The more people that get in touch with the decentralized possibilities, the more they experiment, the faster we learn and we grow as a society.

Copernicus Beer does this by:

  1. Brewing beer that challenges you to talk about decentralization while drinking together.
  2. By brewing beer that is so good that you want to taste it to your friends and thus introduce them to the new world of decentralization. We call this expanding the beer-2-beer network.
  3. To organize themselves as decentralized as possible and share the ownership of the beer brand with a community of sovereign beer drinkers and decentralization enthusiasts.
  4. To decide together with the owners on the direction that Copernicus Beer should take. This manifests itself concretely in being allowed to make proposals in all areas such as:
  • When do we brew beer?
  • How much beer do we brew?
  • Where do we brew this beer?
  • Which beer will be brewed?
  • What should the label look like?
  • How do we distribute the beer?
  • What should it cost?
  • How do we raise money to get new beer brewed?

The world's first decentral craft beer.

Sure. It's an experiment to brew our own decentral IPA. But we did. And you can participate too. If you are interested, let us know.

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